Water Treatment Systems

> Sand Filter & Activated Carbon Filters


Water coming from rivers, lakes, wells, etc. contain a large number of suspended particles and organic pollutants that can pose a threat to public health. Water treatment plants solve this problem with the help of sand filters and carbon filters. Sand filters remove suspended solids from the drinking water and carbon filters eliminate organic compounds as well as any odour and taste.

> Water Softening Plants


Water especially from bore wells contain a large amount of calcium and magnesium. Excess of these calcium and magnesium salts lead to scaling of bathroom fittings, tiles, cooling towers, boilers, etc. Water softening plants use Resin Technology to reduce hardness in the water by replacing calcium and magnesium with sodium ions.

> Ion Exchange Process Plants (De- Mineralization, Mixed Bed, De-Alkalizers, etc.)


Ion Exchange Process Plants are available for pure water and ultra-pure water for the Engineering Industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Realty and Infrastructure Industry.