Effluent Treatment Plant

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

We provide Effluent Treatment Plant to our clients. Following are the features of Effluent Treatment Plant.


  • Factory fabrication: The packaged ETP is of mild steel factory fabricated skid mounted/containerized units. Only civil construction required is the rcc foundation/sumps
  • Easy handling/ transportation: The package stp has dimensions similar to that of standard containers. It can therefore be easily crane mounted on to a standard truck trailer and then shifted to site/ new site as and when required
  • Easy hook up/ start up: The inlet raw sewage pumped discharge line is to be flange connected to the inlet flange of the packaged STP. The treated sewage discharge line can be flange connected to the outlet flange of the package STP and treated discharged to disposal by gravity meeting all required treated quality parameters. The incoming electric cable is to be terminated into the electric panel after which the package STP is ready for start up and operation


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