De-Mineralization & Mixed Bed Plant

We provide De-Mineralization Plant to our clients. In de-ionization, the hardness and other ions that are initially in the water are removed and replaced with H and OH- ions, which can combine to form water. There are two solutions that are used to regenerate a de-ionizer. One is a concentrated acid, and the other is a concentrated base.

De-Mineralization (DM) Plant

De-Mineralization Plants are available for pure water and ultra-pure water, for the pharmaceutical industry, for micro-electronics industry. Our range of cation and anion exchange units are up to a flow rate 9. 7m3/ hr and the units employ both normal and counter-flow regeneration.

These smaller standard units are:

  • Skid-mounted
  • Complete with automatic conductivity instigated regeneration
  • Central control panel control valves are either the well-proven 5-cycle multi port valve or, for larger units, a frontal manifold with individual corrosion-resistant valves

Mixed Bed Plant

Cation and Anion resins are combined in a GRP or stainless steel vessel to produce ultra pure water. Usually a Mixed Bed Unit is a polishing unit that contains strong acid cation (SAC) resins and strong base anion (SBA) resins combined to a ratio of approximately 40% Cation resin to 60% Anion resin. (All resin volumes are dependent upon the incoming water analysis and the required quantity of treated water). Mixed bed polishers are typically installed when a water quality of less than 1 micro ohm conductivity is required.


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